Healthy and Delicious Eating

Healthy and Delicious Eating

Who doesn’t like to eat a delicious snack? The downside to having snacks sometimes is that you don’t always choose the healthiest options. Thankfully, there are delicious and healthy snacks out there that are quick and simple to make without all the extra added ingredients of those store-bought treats. There is so much potential for you to eat more naturally, which compliments your holistic therapy treatments, like the ones we offer at Wholistic Massage.


Let us show you two delicious and very healthy recipes. One breakfast recipe and one dessert/treat recipe!


Hemp Seed Breakfast Cereal

This recipe is incredible because it is quick, easy, and it boosts your metabolism! This recipe was taken from Holistic Wellness (by Samantha Gladish), which is an amazing site that has a plethora of recipes, and knowledge surrounding holistic lifestyles.


Prep Time: 3 mins

Cook Time: 5 mins

Total Time: 8 mins


Ingredients Needed:


Unsweetened Coconut or Almond Milk – 1 cup

Hemp Seeds – ½ cup

Ground FlaxSeed – 1 tablespoon

Chia Seeds – 1 tablespoon

Alcohol-Free Stevia – 5 to 6 drops (optional)

Cinnamon – 1 teaspoon

Alcohol-Free Vanilla Extract – ¼ teaspoon (optional)

Walnuts – 3 to 4


Step 1:

In a small pot over medium heat, combine vanilla, chia, cinnamon, milk, hemp seeds, chia, and the flaxseeds. Stir until the mixture is boiling.


Step 2: 

Once your mixture is boiling, turn heat to medium-low and simmer the mixture for approximately 4 minutes. When the mixture is thickened, remove from heat and serve.


A healthy breakfast is an important way to start your day!


Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Who doesn’t love a soft, chewy cookie that melts in your mouth? The bonus of this next recipe is that the cookies are delicious, and healthy as well! This recipe was also taken from Holistic Wellness (by Samantha Gladish).


Servings: 12


Ingredients needed: 


Almond Flour – 1 cup

Gluten-Free Rolled Oats – 1 cup

Baking Powder – 1 teaspoon

Cinnamon – ½ teaspoon 

Nutmeg – ¼ teaspoon

Sea Salt – ⅓ teaspoon

Coconut Oil (melted) – ½ cup

Golden Monkfruit – ⅓ cup

Egg – 1 

Pure Vanilla Extract – 1 ½ teaspoon

Chocolate Chips – ½ cup


Step 1:

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and preheat your oven to 350°F


Step 2:

Whisk together all the dry ingredients in a large bowl


Step 3:

In a separate, large bowl, whisk together all of the wet ingredients until well combined.


Step 4: 

Slowly add the wet mixture to the dry mixture (including chocolate chips). Mix until combined and until the flour is completely incorporated.


Step 5:

Roll about 1.5 tablespoons of dough into a ball and flatten. Place the dough onto the cookie sheet and spread it evenly apart.


Step 6:

Bake cookies for 13-15 minutes total. Once baked, remove them from the oven and let them cool for at least 10 minutes before eating.


There you have it! An incredibly delicious treat that is very healthy as well!


So as you can see, there are simple ways to start feeding your body better foods. You do not have to follow a specific food regimen to feel and look better. It is said that a combination of healthy eating and receiving holistic treatments can improve your mind and body connection. We offer treatments such as Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Meridian/Acupressure Therapy, and even Psychosomatic Therapy


Implementing healthier eating and holistic treatments can improve your lifestyle and make you feel better both physically and mentally. Which can also improve the benefits you receive from getting holistic treatments. 

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