Holistic Techniques to Relieve Your Pain

Holistic Techniques to Relieve Your Pain

Holistic Techniques to Relieve Your Pain

Nobody enjoys being in pain, whether it be temporary or chronic. It hurts to hurt. Luckily, with the developments in technology and the general world around us, people can find naturally beneficial techniques to relieve pain, even if it’s only temporary. We offer a wide variety of holistic therapies at our center, so we can help you find what’s right for you. 


Numerous techniques have been developed throughout history, so there are many natural things that you can do so you can avoid potentially having to get an invasive procedure done or even something less scary like taking pills. Some of these techniques are Exercise, Yoga and Tai Chi, Biofeedback, and MindBody techniques. Even our Therapeutic Massage and other treatments help as well.



Exercise may seem like an obvious answer to pain relief, but some people are scared to try the exercise while they are in pain for fear of creating more pain. The rule of thumb for exercising for pain relief is to start slow and do not overexert yourself. One form of exercise to try when starting is simply walking. Go for a walk (weather permitting) and take in your surroundings. 


Another common form of exercise for pain relief is cycling. You do not have to be a competitor in Tour De France to benefit healthwise from cycling. All a person needs is some form of bicycle and a positive frame of mind. 


Yoga and Tai Chi

Both of these ancient practices have demonstrated and proven that they are highly beneficial in relieving pain throughout one’s own body. Both of these techniques have elements of controlled breathing, a brief meditation, and slow but gentle movements. While these two practices are similar in theory, they do also hold some key differences. 


Yoga involves holding your postures and poses for greater lengths of time and generally requires more core strength. Tai Chi is more of a fluid, dance-like set of motions that are similar to forms found in martial arts. Both of these practices can vary from low impact to high impact depending on the fitness level of someone. 



What is Biofeedback? Basically, Biofeedback is the general idea that harnessing the potential of your mind and becoming more aware of what is going inside the body, will allow you to gain a better grasp on your health. During a biofeedback therapy session, visual and audible feedback is presented to the patient so they can recognize the signs of distress in the body and make subtle changes to their bodies.


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is probably one of the most common types of holistic therapy. This can help you deal with illnesses, mental illnesses, stress, and much more! Here at Wholistic Massage, our Massage Therapy treatments include reflexology, aromatherapy, and acupressure as well. We strive to make sure that you have the best possible experience and you leave feeling rejuvenated.


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