Holistic Therapy Treatment and Its Benefits

Holistic Therapy Treatment and Its Benefits

Holistic Treatments have been around for hundreds of years. This also means that people have been benefiting from holistic treatments for years as well. At Wholistic Massage Centre, we offer a large variety of treatments so you can find one that will best suit what you need. Because of this, we often get asked two major questions: What is Holistic Therapy? And What are the benefits?. It is typically a good idea to do some research into what type of treatment you think you’ll benefit most from and to speak to your healthcare provider if you have concerns. 


Our goal with this blog post is to help you with some of that research.


What is Holistic Therapy?

The overall concept of Holistic Therapy is to address a patient as a whole person rather than just someone who is showing physical or psychological symptoms. The end goal of holistic therapy is to treat more than just the symptoms of the person but to repair the connection between someone’s mind, body, and soul. That is to say, it has been developed to maximize your well-being by aligning your body with the mind and soul. 


At Wholistic Massage Center, we offer different therapies that can fit in with whatever you are looking for from a natural treatment. The treatments offered are:


  1. Massage Therapy – The manipulation of the soft tissues in the body
  2. Hand, Ear, Face, and Foot Reflexology – Form of massage used to ease tension and relieve illness
  3. Aromatherapy – The use of natural plant extracts to promote mental/physical health and well-being
  4. Meridian/Acupressure Massage Therapy – Physical pressure is applied to pressure points to clear any blocks in the meridians
  5. Psychosomatic Therapy – The treatment of physical symptoms that are often related to or caused by psychological factors


As you can see, our primary focus is to help you heal not only your body but your mind and soul as well. We want you to feel better emotionally as well. 


What are the benefits of Holistic Therapy?

As you may have already assumed, there are many benefits to having holistic treatments/therapy done. While there may be skepticism in receiving holistic treatments, you never will know if it works or not until you take a foray into holistic therapies. There can be many physical, psychological, and emotional benefits like the ones listed below.


Physical Benefits:

  • Pain Relief
  • Improved Sleep
  • Hormone Regulation
  • Improves Digestion


Psychological Benefits: 

  • Stress Regulation
  • Can lessen the side effects of medications
  • Reduction of mental illnesses


Emotional Benefits:

  • Tends to increase self confidence
  • Helps you balance your emotions
  • Creates relief of anxiety and other stressors
  • It can help improve your mind, body and soul connection


As you can see, there are so many types of holistic treatments with benefits that can improve many aspects of your life. Something to remember is that holistic therapy requires you to go into the treatment with a positive outlook and frame of mind as well. Positive frame of mind = Positive Experience.


Be happy, live holistically. Book your appointment in South Edmonton with us online or by phone at 1-780-463-6390