Introducing the 12 Types of Massages

Introducing the 12 Types of Massages (Part 2)

Our bodies do a lot for us. Lifting, travelling, stretching, carrying – the list is endless. So for a change, why not do something pleasant for your body? Featuring the Trigger point massage, Reflexology, Thai massage, Prenatal massage, Couple’s massage, and Chair massage. 

When most people decide to book a massage appointment, they do so because of some sort of tightness that is present within their muscles. Generally, most people don’t like having a stiff back or sore neck, and so, in the last article, we discussed 6 different massage types that are extremely effective in relieving this muscle tension: the Swedish massage, Hot stone massage, Aromatherapy massage, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage, and Shiatsu massage.


While massages can be extremely effective at relieving muscle tension within the body – there is more beneath the surface. Massage therapists can actually do so much than just soothing muscles, as these professionals can reduce chronic pain, restore natural energy levels, and many more!


Let’s take a look at 6 more massage types that relieve a client’s muscle tension; additionally, it will help recovery and restoration of other crucial factors that contribute to a healthy and balanced body.


7. Trigger point massage – Goodbye Chronic Pain!

The trigger point massage is again similar to sports massages. They are 60-90 minutes and can either be full-body or area-specific. This massage type is aimed at those who have injuries, chronic pain, or a specific area of concern since these massages will focus on those trigger points in the body to help reduce chronic pain. 


8. Reflexology – Restored energy!

Reflexology massages have a shorter duration compared to the other types mentioned above (30-60 minutes) where they focus on various pressure points of the ears, hands, and feet that can help restore the client’s natural energy levels.


9. Thai massage – Yoga AND Massage? 2-for 1-deal!

The Thai massage is a 60-90 minute massage for clients who want a more active massage. This can help improve flexibility, circulation, and energy levels. This is done through yoga-like movements where the massage therapist will apply stable pressures onto the person’s body.


10. Prenatal massage – For the baby too!

A safe option for pregnant women, the prenatal massage lasts 45-60 minutes and utilizes pressure similar to that of the Swedish massage that can:

  • help reduce pregnancy body aches
  • reduce stress
  • ease muscle tension


Pregnant clients will lie on their side as the therapist focuses on the lower back, hips, and legs.


11. Couple’s massage – The more, the merrier!

This massage involves the partners lying on tables side-by-side, where each partner will receive to a massage of their choice, the two most common being the Swedish and hot stone.

Additionally, some spas allow additional treatments and facilities such as facials, full-body scrubs, pedicures, hot tubs, and saunas.


12. Chair massage – Easy and effective!

The final massage type, the chair massage, is a good way to be introduced to massages (like the Swedish), although they are much quicker in comparison. These 10-30 minute massages involve the client sitting on a massage chair. Then the therapist massages the neck, shoulder, and back area, aiming to help relieve stress and promote relaxation.


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