Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy: The Path to a Better You

When people think of pathways, they generally think of walking paths or trails. This is because a path will usually guide you somewhere that you are trying to get to. Similarly, the goal of a meridian pathway is to guide you to a better, healthier version of yourself. Meridian Therapy is a unique therapy that helps you maintain a positive flow of Qi (pronounced like “chee”). 


Questions people have about Meridian Therapy are:

What is Meridian Therapy? How many pathways are there, and what are they? What are the benefits of getting Meridian Therapy? Our goal for you after reading this is to help you understand more about the pathways in your body.


What is Meridian Therapy?

There are two different types of meridian therapy. Acupuncture, which involves that process of fine needles being placed into your body’s energy points. There is also acupressure, which channels the use of pressure from the hands of a therapist. It is thought that the body’s energy flows through these different channels or meridians and that when your energy is blocked, it can lead to numerous types of illnesses, etc. 


Here at Wholistic Massage Centre, we practice the Acupressure style of Meridian Therapy. Therefore, we can give you the least invasive treatment so you can feel more relaxed.


How many pathways are there and what are they?

Long story short, there are typically twelve meridians that are associated with the human body. In addition, there are also eight ‘extraordinary’ meridians. Each meridian in your body is considered to be an energy highway throughout your body. We will focus on the primary meridians listed below.


  1. Lung Meridian helps defend your body from outside factors.
  2. Large Intestine Meridian has a primary function of letting go of rotten food and essentially negative emotions.
  3. Stomach Meridian is typically related to our ability to intake new information, process new ideas, and nurture ourselves.
  4. Heart Meridian controls the flow of blood to all major organs and controls emotions.
  5. Small Intestine Meridian usually correlates with the emotions of joy or agitation
  6. Bladder Meridian is most closely related to the emotion of fear
  7. Kidney Meridian is also closely related to control the emotion of fear
  8. Pericardium Meridian relates to the feelings of intimacy
  9. Triple Warmer Meridian controls our flight, fight, or freeze response
  10. Gall Bladder Meridian generally controls the emotion of anger
  11. Liver Meridian generally controls anger, depression, and the emotions related to those
  12. Spleen Meridian correlates with someone worrying


So as you can see, the meridians in our body can most definitely impact the way our body operates. Moreover, there are so many things that can affect our bodies, and knowing which channels control what can help us better ourselves.


What are the benefits?

There are so many benefits to receiving Meridian Therapy at our centre. Our therapists will help you improve your health, physically and mentally. Some common benefits include: 

  • Relief of Migraines
  • Recovery after surgery
  • Relief of trauma
  • Pain Relief


Overall, receiving meridian therapy is physically and mentally beneficial for your health. Because of this, it will positively change your life.


Get on the path to a better you. Book a Meridian / Acupressure Therapy session in South Edmonton with us online or by phone at 1-780-463-6390