Mindful Meditation and Its Benefits

Mindful Meditation and Its Benefits

Meditation is an ancient practice like many other holistic therapies. It is considered a natural form of healing that does not involve the use of pharmaceutical intervention. This practice can help in many aspects of your life and can help you achieve mental clarity. We hope that with the information that we will be providing you on what Meditation is, the types of meditation, and What the benefits are, you will be able to employ this practice in your daily routines. 


Let the divine path of Meditation begin!


What is Meditation?

Typically meditation is the practice of using mindfulness to focus on specific thoughts or activities. The general idea behind meditation is to train your mind to become more aware, attentive and help the practitioner achieve mental clarity. It is thought that meditation can help people become calmer and achieve a more balanced state of mental awareness. There can be many reasons for meditation such as:


  1. Reducing your negative thoughts and clearing your mind.
  2. The need to improve your ability to focus. 
  3. Connect your mind, body, and soul.


Meditation does not need to involve spending hours sitting cross-legged, you only need a few moments a day in a quiet space. It is also considered complementary to the treatments that we offer at Wholistic Massage so you can feel more relaxed and less stressed.


What are the different types of Meditation?

Who knew there was more than one type of meditation? Surprise! There are actually at least sixteen different types of meditations that all provide many benefits to the practitioner, you! So, let us look more into the different types of meditations.


  • Visualization (where you picture someone or something in your mind)
  • Resting Awareness (This is where you let your mind rest. If a thought enters, you simply let it fade away.)
  • Zen (This is one of the most common forms practiced. You focus on your breathing and just letting your mind be what it is.)
  • Vipassana (Using your concentration to focus deeply on certain aspects of your existence to transform yourself.)


These forms of meditation are simply just a few of all of the ones available to learn about and practice. 


What are the benefits of Meditation?

Meditation can hold both mental and physical benefits for people as they learn more about breathing techniques, the history behind whichever form(s) they choose to implement, and just how it can improve one’s life overall. Did you also know that practicing meditation as well as receiving holistic treatments such as Massage Therapy, Reflexology and Relaxation Massage have all proven to help the body physically and mentally. 


There are so many benefits to practicing any form of meditation such as:


  • Helping you to control anxiety and reduce your stress.
  • Meditation increases your ability to be self-aware. 
  • It can improve your memory and prevent memory loss.
  • Your attention span can improve.
  • It can even promote kindness towards others!


As you can see, there are so many positive things to practicing meditation. It is simple, easy, and cost-efficient. We cannot advocate enough for how much meditation and holistic treatments can help you feel better mentally and physically.


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