Massage Therapy

The Difference Between Us and Our Competitors

While we know there are many options to choose from when you look into holistic treatment, we feel that we are the best option for you. This may be a common thing that a lot of therapists say, but we mean it. We demonstrate this with our practices, knowledge, and our history. 


The differences that distinguish us from our competitors will be looked at more in-depth as follows Pricing, What we offer, and why we are the best option.


Let us look and see what makes us your best choice.



One of the typical things you might look into when deciding where to receive your treatment is the cost/pricing of the facility. The pricing for our services will range anywhere from $55.00 to a maximum of $135.00. Another benefit to us is that we utilize the students working from the Wholistic Training & Research Centre. This makes it so we can offer lower-priced student massages with the same high-quality care as one of our regular therapists. 


Upon looking into other competitors, their pricing ranged from $20.00 for a 15 min treatment up to $215.00 depending on the type of treatment that you choose. Yes, some include different specialized treatments, but we feel that having options to meet your budget is important to us so that you can access holistic treatments without breaking the bank. 


What is Offered?

Here at Wholistic Massage Centre, we pride ourselves on the different varieties of treatments we offer for patients to access. Like most places, one of the most popular treatments that we offer is Massage Therapy. We have several trained therapists as well as student therapists who are knowledgeable in the art of massage.


At Wholistic Massage, we also offer Hand, Ear, Foot, and Face Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Meridian/Acupressure Therapy, Psychosomatic Therapy and much more. We are one of the few centres in the province that provide in-depth analysis of the needs of our patients beforehand. We believe that by focusing on more specific treatments versus the plethora offered by others, we can provide the best and most beneficial treatment to our patients. 


Why are we the best?

Simply put, we have time on our side. We have been providing world-class therapy treatments for over 25 years. Another thing is the attention to detail we give all of our patients. With each new appointment, we provide a 15-minute in-depth consultation that allows us to understand you and your medical history a bit more. We use the information you provide us to customize your treatment so that you benefit as much as possible. 

We have history, experience, and knowledge all on our side to help you get whatever treatment you need. Our student therapists are trained at our sister school, Wholistic Training and Research Centre, which is one of the oldest massage therapy schools in the province. This means you will be receiving high-quality care that fits your budget.


Come see why we are the best at what we do. Book your appointment in South Edmonton with us online or by calling us at 1-780-463-6390 today!