Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage versus Deep Tissue Massage

Something that many people may not know that there is more than one type of massage. There are several different types of massage practices throughout the world at the moment. Two of the more common types are Swedish Massage (Relaxation Massage) and Deep Tissue Massage. At Wholistic Massage Centre, our therapists are trained extensively in both forms of massage amongst many others. 

Let’s take a look at what each type of massage involves. Hopefully, the information to follow will help you decide what type of massage is better for you.


Swedish Massage (Relaxation Massage)

While the general idea of every massage is to help your body feel better, there are subtle differences between the types of massage that will indicate the type of experience you will be receiving. With Swedish Massage, it is the most common form of massage at this moment. Chances are you have had a Swedish massage before. 

Typically during a Swedish Massage, the massage therapist will use less pressure than other forms. The techniques used during a Swedish Massage may include:

  • Long strokes around the body to aid in finding knots in someone’s body that need to be broken apart.
  • The kneading of muscles help in loosening them up, increasing blood flow.
  • Rhythmic Tapping helps loosen your muscles more and can even increase your energy levels.
  • Using friction (the therapist will put their hands together) creates warmth on the body and can help prepare muscles for a deeper massage.
  • The use of vibration (from the palm of a hand) will put pressure on your body in a back and forth motion.

Overall, Swedish Massage tends to be gentler and more geared towards relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage may or may not hurt more than a typical relaxation massage (but that depends on the person). This type of massage is more aimed towards treating more musculoskeletal ailments that may or may not include sprains and different types of sports injuries. Some people also prefer to get a deeper massage because it creates more relaxation for them. That also depends on the person.

Like a Swedish massage, there are a few techniques that a Massage Therapist uses when receiving a deep tissue massage like the ones listed below:

  •  Cross-Fiber friction is used without oil to apply pressure to the muscles at deeper angles.
  • Active Release involves the patient moving the affected area while the therapist applies deep pressure.
  • The Muscle Energy Technique is a type of stretching that helps stretch out the postural muscles of people.
  • Trigger Point Therapy involves the application of pressure in the areas that are typically more sensitive and painful.

So as you may be able to see now, some unique things differentiate Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Whether you need to recover or relax, our Massage Therapy services will leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated so that you are able to enjoy life more.


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