The Yin, The Yang, and Your Qi (Chi)

The Yin, The Yang and Your Qi (Chi)

The idea of yin-yang is an ancient but commonly practiced ideology. The practice of yin and yang is at least 3,500 years old. When you understand the basic concepts of yin-yang and qi, you can also incorporate them into your daily routine. Following these practices can improve your frame of mind, your body, and your soul. At Wholistic Massage, we employ the ideologies of both yin-yang and qi through the different therapies that we offer.


Some of the common questions about this ideology may include: What are Yin and Yang? What is Qi? How can I incorporate these? What therapies are available that complement this practice?


We hope that by the end of this post you will have a better understanding of what the ideologies are and how they can help your life.


What are Yin and Yang?

In simple terms, yin-yang is the basic idea that the universe is made up of opposing and complementary forces. T forces are seen as Light and Dark or even Male and Female. The various elements involved in yin-yang always come in pairs but are not always mutually exclusive to each other. Yin-Yang depends on the give and takes between the two elements. 


Another important piece of information to remember is that sometimes elements of yang can be found in the yin elements and likewise going the other direction. Traditionally, Yin is represented as femininity, darkness, and even passivity, while Yang is represented as masculinity, light, and activity. Yin is the black or dark side of the symbol while Yang is the white or light side. 


We hope that this gives you a bit more insight into what Yin and Yang are, as well as what they represent in the universe.


What is Qi (Chi)?

Qi is also another ancient Chinese concept that your vital flow will manifest itself as energy from material aspects in your life. Material aspects can range from anything like the earth underneath your feet to something as trivial as your computer. People consider Qi is to be in a continuous state where the energy flows from one form to another. 


It is believed that a human being is a harmonious combination of all the different aspects of Qi. One of the concepts surrounding Qi is that the energy is neither created nor destroyed, but that it simply changes its manifestation. 


How can these concepts be incorporated?

There are many aspects in which you can incorporate the concepts of Qi and Yin-Yang into your life. These can range from your eating habits to incorporating meditation into your daily routine. You can also incorporate these concepts more into your life by receiving one of the several therapies that we offer.


Some of the different areas that you can incorporate Yin-Yang and Qi into your life are:


  • Changing your eating habits.
  • Get more physical contact with the people in your life.
  • Incorporate meditation into your routine.
  • Avoid detoxes and diet trends.


These are only four of the many ways to incorporate these ancient ideologies into your life.


What therapies complement these concepts?

You probably may be asking yourself “What therapies do you offer that will help me restore the yin-yang balance in my life?”. The short answer is: All of them. There are aspects in each of our therapies that can improve not only your quality of life but help you balance your yin-yang and restore your Qi.


Some of the most popular therapies we currently offer are:


All of the therapies that we offer are holistic and designed around the concepts of eastern and western medicines.


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