Under Acupressure

Acupressure is a great way to put yourself under pressure without stress. Acupressure typically helps reduce stress and pain at various points throughout your body. The human body goes through so much physically and mentally that understanding common pressure points will help bring relief to the practitioner, even if it is only temporary. Understanding pressure points can help improve your physical health and if used correctly, can aid in self-defence if needed. 

 Common Pressure Points 

First, let us take a look at some of the most common pressure points that therapists will work on. The first point is on the top of your head. You will want to take your hands and trace a line from the top of your ears to the center of your head on top. Then all you need to do is apply pressure and massage. Practitioners have said that this technique is beneficial for relieving anxieties. Which, given the current climate, is increasing in our global population. 

A second common pressure point is the space right between your eyes. Putting pressure on this point and massaging it is easy to try without fear of hurting yourself or someone else. Therapists say that activating this pressure point will help relieve stress almost instantaneously. While it is easy to hold on to stress in life, it is also easy for you to do simple acupressure techniques on yourself. There are also acupressure treatments you can receive from a trained therapist so that you are not doing the treatments by yourself.

The feet are another area of your body that has numerous points that can also reduce symptoms in such a wide array of places throughout your body. Some of the points on the bottom of your feet include: Your heart, spleen, head, liver, bronchi and even your stomach. The fact that the human body contains so much potential to help heal ourselves naturally is astonishing to say the least. 


Physical Health

Do you suffer from common conditions such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome? Did you know that acupressure can help relieve some of the pain! Carpal Tunnel is present when there is pressure on the median nerve (which is on the palm side of your hand). Often with Carpal Tunnel, people will experience ailments such as numbness or weakness in the wrist and/or hand. Approximately 3-4 finger-widths down from the bottom of your wrist is your Pericardium 6 point. To get relief, apply downwards stimulation with pressure for approximately 5 seconds and then release. 

Overall, there are hundreds upon hundreds of pressure points in the human body. All of which can potentially help an endless variety of symptoms. One of the great things about knowing your pressure points is that you can give yourself almost instantaneous relief if you do it correctly. One thing to remember is to breathe when you are putting pressure on yourself. The more relaxed you are, the better your body will take to the pressure. Who doesn’t like to feel relaxed and at ease?

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