Blog 15: Yoga for the Mind, Body and Soul

Yoga for the Mind, Body and Soul!

Take a deep breath in, and release. Okay, you have now learned one of the first steps to practicing yoga which is remembering to breathe. Practicing yoga can be so eye-opening for a person because it can help you feel better mentally and even physically. Yoga is an increasingly popular form of holistic therapy because it soothes the mind, body, and soul. It does help heal people. At Wholistic Massage, we believe it is beneficial for patients to partake in complementary therapies like yoga to help their bodies benefit more from the therapy treatments that they receive with us. 


Some questions you may ask yourself regarding yoga are: Why is yoga good for me? What are some basic beginner poses? How does practicing yoga complement massage therapy? Let us stretch your mind wide open and take a look at the answers to these questions!


Why is Yoga good for me?

Yoga has been practiced by humans for potentially thousands of years. Throughout its history, yoga has developed into almost what some people would consider an art form. It has been said that yoga is good for rechanneling your meridians and unblocking the flow of energy in your body as well. There are also other reasons as to why it is good for you such as:


  1. Yoga can help with pain relief
  2. It helps you sleep better
  3. Yoga has been proven to help people who practice it manage the stress in their lives better
  4. Your mental health can improve quicker
  5. Practicing yoga can lead to improved heart health


Practicing yoga helps open your mind to allowing your body to heal more naturally and less invasively.


Basic Beginner Yoga Poses

The thought of practicing yoga does NOT need to be intimidating. You don’t need to worry about twisting your body into a pretzel. Most of the beginner poses for yoga are fairly simple and straightforward, so that almost anybody can do them. Let us look at some basic poses and how to do them:


1. Child’s Pose or Balasana

How do you do it?

Start with your body in a kneeling position. Then you want to lower yourself down and rest your butt onto your heels. After this, stretch your entire upper body forwards and lower yourself down to the ground with your arms extended above your head.



2. Corpse Pose or Shavasana

How do you do it?

Lay down on your back and let your feet naturally fall to whichever side they go to. Gently bring your arms to your body (slightly away) and turn your palms up towards the sky. Let your energy relax your body. 


3. Cat/Cow Pose or Maryjarysana to Bitilisana

How do you do it?

You first want to start by being on your hands and knees. Take a big breath in, and when you breathe out, tuck your chin to your chest and round out your spine upwards. On your next breath in, arch your back downwards and release your chin.


So as you can see, yoga is fairly easy to start practicing. Even if you just start with the poses we have mentioned above, it still helps. 


How does Yoga complement Massage Therapy?

By practicing yoga before and after a massage, it can help relax your muscles. Having relaxed muscles can typically help the therapist in diagnosing any possible issues as well as allowing them to focus on other areas that may need attention. Yoga also helps you to keep your muscles loosened between treatments so that if there is an extended period in which you can’t get a massage, you aren’t left feeling sore and tight throughout the body. 


We believe that practicing yoga while also receiving a therapeutic massage treatment from one of our highly trained therapists will help you receive the most benefits so that you aren’t in pain.


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